Xicato event

LED Balloon interactive installation for a promotional event, organised by Light Collective for Xicato.

The installation comprised 120 large helium-filled balloons carrying a small LED spotlight with rechargeable battery.

Each of the 100+ guests were given a small battery upon arrival and invited to select a balloon from the ceiling, pull it down and power up the LED module. In this way the guests created the lighting for the event, with their own portable pool of light, which they could take away at the end of the evening.

10% of the 100 LED balloons contained a special Xicato module with enhanced rendition of red colours. These formed the basis of a competition to identify them amongst the other modules. Pre-programmed dimming sequences commenced when the competition was over, enabling the special rendition LED balloons to reveal themselves by pulsing up and down.

Food for the evening was tapas in seven colours – to highlight the colour rendering properties of the Xicato LED module.

Guests were encouraged to take their LED balloons away with them, complete with charger, so they could re-use the module long after the balloon had lost its Helium.
Client: Light Collective / Xicato.
Images copyright: Sanna Fisher-Payne.

Light Collective
Smart Sustainable Electronics B.V.